Purina One Adult Salmon & Whole Grains 800g

by Purina ONE
£11.99 GBP

Purina One Adult rich in Salmon & RiceThe beauty and behaviour of a cat is a true sign of her overall health. Feeding Purina One, you could see Visible Results in your cat's health and her outstanding body condition. Our nutritionists and vets have prepared a complete and balanced diet with high quality and tasty ingredients your cat will love. Purina One is formulated to help noticeably enhance your cat's health for today and tomorrow.Purina One Adult is targeted at 1 to 7 year old cats.Promotes a strong immune system supported by a special blend of vitamins and antioxidants.- Healthy urinary tract promoted by balanced minerals.- High nutrient absorption for optimal digestion promoted by superior quality ingredients.- Total Oral Care for gums, teeth and breath provided by special active minerals and crunchy morsels.- Excellent mobility and healthy joints promoted by a lean body.- Maintenance of skin's moisture & firmness supported by Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and zinc. - Prepare and Use: Feeding instructions The recommended daily amounts should be adjusted to weather conditions, your cat's level of activity and her physical condition. As Purina One is a complete dry diet your cat should not need supplements or additional meals. When switching to Purina One start mixing it with your cat's current food and gradually increase the proportion fed over a period of 7-10 days. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.2-4kg (cat weight) - 30-60g (amount/day)4-6kg - 60-95g6-8kg - 95-125g

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