Thrive 100% Tuna Cat Treats 25g

by Thrive
£10.19 GBP

We love the reaction we get from our cats when we give them Thrive. Our cats love Thrive because it's real tuna pieces. Thrive isn't made with derivatives or other rubbish, nothing sugary or fattening; 100% Tuna, 0% Nonsense. Try a tin of Thrive food for cats. It is 100% complete 0% Nonsense. It's easy to serve, smells nice and is made without any of the nasty ingredients found in most complete cat foods. 100% tuna treats, by pole & line, Pure & irresistible, 0% nonsense.


Tuna 100%

Allergy Information

Contains Fish

Nutritional Information

Typical Values

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein


Crude Fibre


Crude Oil & Fat


Crude Ash



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